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Medication Management By:
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Jean Vaneps

APRN, Family Psychiatric NP

Jean Vaneps has worked as an RN in varying capacities of mental health care for over 30 years, including that of Family Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. She shares "I'm looking forward to the opportunity to play a role in assisting people in the restoration of hope, healing and recovery in their mental health".

Our Services

Services provided by Jean Vaneps include Psychiatric evaluations,  medication management, and brief psychotherapy to all ages, starting at age 5. Referrals are made for other services including psychological testing psychotherapy, and other evaluations as needed.  Providence embraces working collaboratively with area providers, to ensure comprehensive care  with the goal of improving your psychiatric recovery. 

Our Philosophy

Mental Illness does not need to leave a person feeling hopeless and helpless.  We believe mental illness is treatable and you can lead a quality, productive life.  At Providence Psychiatry we assist you in using some of the key tools you need today to make your tomorrow brighter.  We assist you in navigating through the mountains of your life, onto clearer pathways, into a  hopeful future. 

Appointment Times

Monday-Thursday: 8:30 am - 5pm By Appointment Only

Contact Information

Phone: (218)246-6286

Fax: (218)249-1534


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